27 years of experience in woodworking industry

We produce high-quality wood products for the local and international
clients by using ecological Latvian wood and modern technologies.

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About us

“Laimdotas” Ltd. is a stable, family-owned enterprise, which was established in 1992 by Guntars Pirtnieks with a view to creating a growing and innovative company in the woodworking industry. The entrepreneurship began in a small carpenter’s workshop in Kuldiga, which was serving clients in nearby cities, but the skills of the carpenters, high quality of the products and Guntar’s willingness to invest in development quickly attracted new clients - first from other cities of Latvia and then from all over Europe.

In 2015, Guntar’s sons - Marcis and Klavs joined the company, and are now fully involved in its development and management. Currently, “Laimdotas” is a modern Latvian company, which continues its active investments in the development by constructing new industrial buildings and acquiring ever more efficient woodworking equipment. The company produces a variety of glued wood materials, dried carpentry materials, and produces exclusive furniture on the requests of the designers.

Our values

<h4>27 years of experience</h4>

27 years of experience

More than a quarter of a century – it is already a result. We went through crises and moved beyond the change of the centuries, thus proving our experience and good reputation.

<h4>Made in Latvia</h4>

Made in Latvia

All our products are made of environmentally friendly Latvian timber of high quality according to the highest European standards.

<h4>Individual approach to the clients</h4>

Individual approach to the clients

We are always able to hear the client and to strike a balance between desire and opportunities. The most important indicator is that our clients are returning to us.

<h4>FSC-certified timber</h4>

FSC-certified timber

This certificate gives evidence of the environmentally responsible and socially oriented management of forest resources. We take care of our forests in order to provide timber of the highest quality.

<h4>Sustainable development</h4>

Sustainable development

We are actively investing in the modernization of the production equipment and software, in the expansion of premises, improvement of working conditions and upgrade of skills of our specialists.

<h4>We are inventive</h4>

We are inventive

The project of any complexity can be entrusted to us. We will find the shortest path from the client’s idea to its best implementation.