Bedframe with storage drawers


Our bedframe with storage drawers is the perfect solution for those looking to optimize storage and maximize comfort. Suited for 800-1800 mm wide mattresses, it features a K-sized wooden box drawer on the left, right, or both sides, providing ample storage space for your personal belongings. With its durable construction and versatile design, this bedframe is the perfect addition to any bedroom. 


• 30 mm thick laminated Pine board, painted or oiled
• Interior oiled in Tikkurila 5083
• Runners Blum Tandem 750 mm full extension with soft close, 50 kg load-bearing capacity


• Handles must be ordered separately
• Exterior paint or oil code must be specified in the order
• Left (L), right (R), or left and right (LR) sides for drawers must be specified in the order

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Additional information

Product code


Mattress size


B.180.2.T (L or R) H1000 x W1890 x L2090 W1800 x L2000 x D200 On request 
B.160.2.T (L or R)  H1000 x W1690 x L2090 W1600 x L2000 x D200   On request
 B.150.2.T (L or R)  H1000 x W1590 x L2090 W1500 x L2000 x D200  On request 
 B.140.1.T (L or R)  H1000 x W1490 x L2090 W1400 x L2000 x D200  On request
B.120.1.T (L or R)  H1000 x W1290 x L2090 W1200 x L2000 x D200  On request
B.090.1.T (L or R) H1000 x W990 x L2090 W900 x L2000 x D200 On request
B.080.1.T (L or R) H1000 x W890 x L2090 W800 x L2000 x D200 On request